MODULE 1Abis : Seed Marketing Law in the European Union

MODULE 1Abis : Seed Marketing Law in the European Union

Fulya Batur

Training, Advocacy & Legal Affairs Kybele SRL (Seeds & Biodiversity)

Course features

Lectures : 1

Duration : minutes120

Language : English

Skill level : Beginner

Language : English

Assessments : Self

October 21, 2020

Module objectives

Crop biodiversity initiatives are first and foremost impacted by seed marketing rules in their daily operations. The first webinar aims to provide a general understanding of the rationale and functioning of the complex set of rules in the EU, highlighting the different flexibilities and derogations that can be (and are) used by different crop biodiversity actors to carry out their activities and flourish. The second webinar will delve more into the details of the differences that exist within national seed marketing regimes, and provide ample room for discussion to see where and how national initiatives can (or cannot) fit within the system built by the EU. 

Competences gained through this module

  • Knowledge of the EU seed marketing rules, their general principles and implementation, understanding the dynamics behind
  • Knowledge of the flexibilities and derogations within the system that might be used by crop biodiversity actors, and the differences of implementation of these derogations at national level
  • Ability to navigate a complex body of both European, national and regional laws and reflect on the best possible regime to suit the needs and future plans of their initiatives